3 New Restaurants in Cascais
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3 New Restaurants in Cascais

Publish date : October 12, 2022

If the pandemic taught us something, it’s that we seek novelty in our gastronomic experiences, be it at home or out.

Then it’s a great thing that local businesses in Cascais are so dynamic and diverse.

If you seek novel experiences, check out these new restaurants in town.

Rēbu Pizzaria

Address: R. do Poço Novo 19, 2750-467 Cascais

Phone: +351 914 009 990


If you’re looking for an affordable meal, you ought to lay eyes on Rēbu, a very central pizza place in Cascais that opened its doors a bit over two years ago. The name is short for rebuliço (‘stir’), which in itself seems like a promise to play around with flavors and customer expectations.

I encourage you to eat on the spot, as it’s nicely decorated, not to mention the relaxed and cozy atmosphere you breathe inside. But if you want to have a lazy evening at home, know that there are takeout and delivery options.

Rēbu’s focus on the crust ('in crust we trust' is their slogan) is perhaps what guarantees that their thin pizzas stay in one piece until you eat them — they don’t just fall apart under the weight of the toppings. Another best seller is the sizzling raclette! But if you think you’ll be tasting Mediterranean cuisine, consider that their menu includes steamed Japanese dumplings and a pizza that mixes cheese and guava.

Even though all items on the menu are vegetarian at most, it’s possible to veganize some pizzas, switching the DOP mozzarella or buttery cheese for vegan cheese.


Address: R. Joaquim Ereira 1543, Loja B, 2750-392 Cascais

Phone: +351 21 092 7605


Another great place to sit back and relax is Mâide, a restaurant famous for the healthy exotic food and drinks it serves in a space whose brown and white tones are suggestive of nature and peace. They additionally have a covered terrace where you can eat no matter the weather, with fellow humans or furry friends.

Do you ever feel limited by conventional meal times? Here, that won’t be a problem. Mâide’s core concept is all-day food, so they can welcome you any time between 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening. In terms of food, you can expect anything from pancakes and burgers to pokes and ramen. Vegan options are also available. The prices vary accordingly, from €5 to €11 a piece. As for drinks, I hear that their many smoothie combinations don’t disappoint and that they invested a whole deal in making their coffee special, namely in getting a customized La Marzoccoespresso machine and handpicking their organic coffee.

Latina Grill

Address: Estr. Malveira da Serra 261, 2750-492 Cascais

Phone: +351 968 707 515


Latina Grill stands out both because it lists a lot more meat than fish options on their menu in an area that’s historically oriented to the sea, and because of their commitment to food quality and tastiness. Indeed, their impressive selection of aged meats (from North America, South America and Japan, as well as the Iberian Peninsula), grilled with eco-friendly charcoal, can be paired with prestige wine.

Of course, premium meat also comes at a higher price, a meal for two people averaging at almost €50. However, during the week, customers can have a complete lunch (from starters to dessert and coffee) for €15, just ask for the Latina Grill executive menu.

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