Summer Events in Cascais
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Summer Events in Cascais

Publish date : October 12, 2022

Sometimes, it takes a foreigner to value Cascais’ mild temperatures in the winter and overall sunny days in a year. ‘It’s really not that bad,’ so they say, remembering the skateable frozen lakes and rivers from their frigid lands. But let’s not lie to ourselves: there’s nothing like the summer here. And we want to prepare you for it!

António Passaporte: Um fotógrafo em Cascais, 1940-1960

December 10, 2021–June 26, 2022

Casa Sommer

Free exhibition

Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 9am–1pm & 2pm–5pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10am–1pm & 2pm–6pm

Historical Municipal Archive in Casa Sommer hosts an exhibition around António Passaporte’s photographs of Cascais. Indeed, in the year 1939, Passaporte traveled the country looking for the most beautiful landscapes for the production of illustrated postcards (something that was hard to come by at the time). This exhibition presents merely a part of the artist’s collection, the one that focused on Cascais, showcasing hundreds of photographic sequences taken from 1940 to 1960 — a transition from black and white to color. A unique opportunity to look at the 20th century Cascais coast and a photographer’s efforts in capturing the best-looking angle: he traveled great lengths, climbed walls, and sometimes stood too close to the edge of a cliff.

Photography enthusiasts will have the chance to see 14 film camera models used during this period.

If you haven’t been, here’s your chance to visit Casa Sommer, one of the most iconic examples of Summer architecture and neoclassicism in Cascais.


June 4, 2022

Salão Preto & Prata Casino Estoril

Paid concert (€15–€22,50)

Doors: 9pm

Lagum is a Brazilian pop and reggae band that has been getting quite some attention since 2018, when they put out an acoustic version of one of their songs (‘Deixa’, featuring Ana Gabriela) that ranks as one of the most streamed songs in Brazil. After impressing the Portuguese audience in Porto and Lisbon, where tickets sold out, they come to Estoril no less, to bring us a bit of their ‘Pra ficar na memória’ tour, which translates to ‘To be remembered’.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time that they try to make this concert happen. They were booked for two other dates (the last, in October last year), but had to postpone their trip to Europe. If by any chance you bought your tickets for one of the previous dates, you don’t have to do anything, the tickets were automatically renewed. At last, some summer music!

EDP Cool Jazz

July 2, 2022–July 30, 2022

Manuel Possolo Hippodrome

Paid concerts (€35-€75)

Doors: 7pm

It’s been almost two years without EDP Cool Jazz and we don’t have to wait much longer! The 17th edition, which didn’t happen in 2021 due to national health constraints, will definitely take place this summer. Just like with the Lagum concert, if you had gotten tickets for last year, they’re automatically validated for this year’s edition.

Be ready to be blown away. The lineup will be composed of John Legend, Paul Anka, Yann Tiersen, Miguel Araújo (a local favorite, who will additionally bring Rui Veloso, an artist affectionately called ‘the father of Portuguese rock’), Diana Krall, Jordan Rakei, and Jorge Ben Jor.

More than just jazz, these musicians bring you groovy and mellow sounds that draw from jazz, soul, pop, and jazz-inspired genres. Cool down with a drink after a long day in the sun at the magical setting of Manuel Possolo Hippodrome.

Festas do Mar

August 25–28 and September 1–4, 2022

Cascais Bay


Promoted by the city hall, Festas do Mar — or Festival of the Seas — in the Cascais Bay are a true visiting card for nationals and foreigners. They are sure to bring huge crowds to their 8-day run of varied activities in Portuguese, namely arts and crafts, music, and the traditional procession in honor of Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes (‘Our Lady of the Navigators’). You’re guaranteed to see fireworks too!

Check out the full music program here.

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