Coworking spaces in Cascais
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Coworking spaces in Cascais

Publish date : October 12, 2022

Coworking spaces are not nearly as trendy in Cascais as they are in big cities. However, not only are locals rethinking conventional work settings (if nothing else, because of COVID), there are a lot of digital nomads moving here, looking to do their work in the company of others like them.

Whether you see yourself in this description, or you’re warming up to the idea of coworking next to the beach, I’ll introduce you to 8 great coworking addresses in Cascais.

Cowork Cascais

Location: R. Alexandre O'Neil, Vila Internacional, 2750-047 Aldeia de Juzo


From €15 + VAT / day

From €90 + VAT / month

They offer a kitchen area, free parking at the door, a meeting room, and mountain and sea views to inspire you.

Cowork da Praia

Location: Pç. Do Junqueiro 3, Loja B, 2775-597 Carcavelos


From €10 + VAT / day

From €76 + VAT / month

It’s with good reason that this place is called Cowork da Praia (‘Beach Cowork’): it’s only 5 minutes away from Carcavelos Beach. You can probably already imagine your short breaks turning into afternoons spent surfing.

Here, you’ll find a meal area, a gym, a playroom; conference, events, and Skype rooms. They’re equipped with a photocopier and scanner too.

Lobo Cowork 1 and 2

Location 1: R. Escola, 4E, 2765-221 Estoril

Location 2: R. General Manuel Diogo Neto 179A, 2765-334 Estoril


From €12.50 + VAT / day

From €120 + VAT / month

Lobo 1 and Lobo 2 opened in 2019 and 2020 respectively, and they’re both fairly close to the beach (5 and 15 minutes), as well as to the train station (5 minutes). They’re open 24/7, which applies to every day of the year.

They provide phone booths, a terrace at Lobo 1, and a meeting room at Lobo 2. They can further receive your mail and include printing and lockers in the price.

LACS Communitivity of Creators

Location: Estr. da Malveira Serra 920, 2750-834 Cascais


From €120 + VAT / month

LACS, focused on hosting a creative community, offers its visitors meeting rooms, event spaces, a cafeteria, a kitchenette, printers, and other things. Note that they designed a special plan for students (Membership Plan University), providing more affordable prices.

You can take a virtual tour on the website to get an idea of what the place looks and feels like.

Estoril Office Center

Location: Av. da República 3000, Edifício Estoril Office, Piso 3, 2649-517 Alcabideche


From €25 / day

From €99 / month

This space is two minutes away from the Cascais bus station. It’s more versatile than a simple coworking space, since they also rent out 24 private rooms and two meeting rooms. But, if you want to be among others, there are 20 workstations at your disposal.

Estoril Office Center also features a lounge area, a parking garage, and small supervised warehouses. As for services, you can further expect mail reception, call taking and forwarding, reception of clients/suppliers, and even car wash.

Boost Cowork Cascais

Location: Tv. Emídio Navarro 8, 2750-493 Cascais


From €80 / month

It’s set on the upper floor of the Orange House (an actual orange house) where DeRose Method organizes events, classes, and other activities related to high productivity and meditation.

Boost Cowork Cascais’ priority is to give you a space where you can focus ‘on nothing else but your project’. You’ll find a coworking room with space for five people, a meeting/living room, a kitchen, free parking, and a terrace.

Bonus: if you go for the monthly fee, you get free access to a free DeRose class per week.

Cozy Cascais Cowork Space

Location: R. José Florindo, 2750-642 Cascais

Facebook page

€175+VAT / month

Sometimes, small and cozy does it.

One of the four tables here can be yours, which will also give you access to a cabinet and an individual locker. The lounge is equipped with coffee pod machines, and you can relax there during your coffee break. There’s free street parking.

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