2022 Guide to All Michelin Restaurants in Lisbon and Cascais
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2022 Guide to All Michelin Restaurants in Lisbon and Cascais

Publish date : October 12, 2022

Nothing says haute cuisine like Michelin star. And 2022 has been kind to Portugal in that department. With five stars added to the bunch — each distinguishing a different establishment —, the Michelin guide now lists 33 excellent restaurant choices in this little corner of the world.

Mónica Rius, from Iberian Michelin, highlights Portugal’s gastronomic evolution in the last decade and deems it worthy of recognition. This is something you can experience right here in Cascais and Lisbon. We’ll go through your mouth-watering options.

Alma: **2 stars

Address: R. Anchieta 15, 1200-224 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 347 0650


Alma is one of two restaurants in Lisbon with 2 Michelin stars. Portuguese Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, awarded in 2016 and then in 2019, is greatly dedicated to delivering food with soul: he pledges to serve emotions, identity, and knowledge.

Alma’s home is a former Bertrand bookshop warehouse in Chiado, and its lovely interior is made out of old stone floors, wooden tables, unpainted columns, and a wine display.

There is the Alma tasting menu (with the classics), the Coast to Coast one (which provides great sustainable seafood), and the seasonal à la carte options. No matter what you choose, it’ll be a great choice.

A dinner for two will be around €220.

Belcanto: **2 stars

Address: R. Serpa Pinto 10A, 1200-026 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 342 0607


Also proudly exhibiting 2 stars and occupying an interesting historic location in the Chiado district (in this case, a former convent), Belcanto is your modern Lisbon restaurant. It takes native and seasonal Portuguese products and flavors, but doesn’t shy away from innovating them and creating sensory experiences, ten tables at a time.

The Belcanto tasting menu will give you a taste of Portuguese cuisine, but go for the Evolution menu if you’re hungry for novelty with a chef signature.

Portuguese Chef José Avillez has the most restaurants to his name in Portugal, including Cantinho do Avillez in the old center of Cascais.

A meal with your date will cost around €220.

Cura: *1 star

Address: R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 88, 1099-039 Lisboa

Phone: +351 213 811 401


Congrats to Cura for joining the 2022 Michelin guide!

This place is intended as a curatorship of sorts, a place where everything is skillfully curated. However, I can tell you that cura has another meaning (pun intended or not): it suggests that it can cure you of your afflictions — perhaps, your dissatisfaction with food?

Here, the three special menus (the lighter Meia Cura, the good-sized Origens, and the vegetarian Raízes) reveal Chef Pedro Pena’s focus on sustainability and seasonality. You can see him in full action in the open-view kitchen.

A meal for two people is approximately €200 here.

Eleven: *1 star

Address: R. Marquês Fronteira, Jardim Amália Rodrigues, 1070-051 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 386 22 11


This is a minimalist place in a park with phenomenal vistas of Lisbon, with Almada peaking from the other side of the river. If you come here, do ask for a seat by the window.

Joachim Korper is another chef to defend freshness and seasonality, which means you’re always in for a surprise: he makes sure that you’ll find something different every season.

If you consider yourself a seafood lover, go for the Lavagante menu (the lobster menu), with fish and shellfish flavors all the way.

If there are two of you, a meal will be around €150.

Eneko Lisboa: *1 star

Address: R. Maria Luísa Holstein 15, 1300-388 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 583 3275


This is one of many restaurants that Basque Chef Eneko Atxa opened around the globe. To this date, he has been awarded 5 Michelin stars, but he believes in giving everything to new projects, as if he was constantly starting over.

Eneko Lisboa is different from other Michelin stars in the area in that the chef centers his cuisine around flavors from the Basque Country: an open and deliberate specialization. Located in the same building, there is the informal Basque and the more elegant Eneko Lisboa, serving Eneko’s trademark dishes from his three-star restaurant Azurmendi in Bilbao. The glamorous-industrial interior looks like pure fiction.

A meal for two rounds the €230 mark.

Epur: *1 star

Address: Lg. da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 14, 1200-289 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 346 0519


From Fortaleza do Guincho  — just a bit lower on our list —, Chef Vincent Farges moved over to Epur. If Cura can cure you, it’s fair to say Epur might be able to purify you. This search for purity has led the chef to surrender to minimalism, which is extended to a simple decor and neutral colors. At its core, it translates into an exercise of stripping everything down to the essentials.

If you’re looking for a creative menu where individual ingredients’ flavors are respected and turned into works of art, you’ll be pleased with Epur’s surprise menu.

A meal for two here averages €200.

Feitoria: *1 star

Address: Altis Belem Hotel & Spa, Doca do Bom Sucesso, 1400-038 Lisboa

Phone: +351 21 040 0208


Very little can match a riverfront view when it comes to the seafood experience. That’s something that Feitoria can offer its customers, in one of the best locations in Belém.

Chef João Rodrigues works on two fronts: sea and plant flavors with an Oriental influence. His Caminho | 7 Momentos and Caminho | 9 Momentos menus, which differ only in the number of courses, have vegetarian versions.

A dinner for two will be around €250.

Fifty Seconds: *1 star

Address: R. Cais das Naus Lote 2.21.01, 1990-173 Lisboa

Phone: +351 211 525 380


Another absolutely breathtaking view to add to your list: the one you are presented with at Fifty Seconds, atop the 120-meter Vasco da Gama Tower. But, here, it’s perhaps less about the height and more about the time it takes you to reach them by elevator: a journey in itself.

Customers who eat here can tell you that the view of Parque das Nações and of the Tagus estuary is only a bonus to the impeccable service and modern and sophisticated flavors that Martín Berasategui combines in his menus and à la carte options.

A meal for two people will be around €300.

Fortaleza do Guincho: *1 star

Address: Estr. do Guincho 2413, 2750-642 Cascais

Phone: +351 21 487 0491


You come to Fortaleza do Guincho to enjoy the ocean view, the exquisite fish and seafood, and one of the best wine lists offered in Portugal. It’s hard to get over the perfection of the dining room’s glass windows and, beyond them — so close —, the sea and Cabo da Roca.

Fortaleza do Guincho, headed by Chef Gil Fernandes, has held its Michelin star since 2001. What was originally going to be a French restaurant, now has come under the influence of Portuguese gastronomy. The Michelin guide describes the cuisine here as having ‘a contemporary flavor but with dishes based around traditional Portuguese classics’.

A meal for two here averages €180.

LOCO: *1 star

Address: R. dos Navegantes 53-B, 1200-731 Lisboa

Phone: +351 213 951 861


You’ll find Loco in one of Lisbon’s most affluent, most historical neighborhoods, Estrela. An option to reach it is to catch the iconic 28E tram.

Loco is exceptional in its zero-waste and organic concept, locally-sourced food and keeping things intimate. Booking a table at this restaurant should be done in advance, as there aren’t a lot of tables to start with. A little planning to include it in your trip is totally worth it, though.

The good thing about there being no menu here (yes, you heard me: it’s either the Louco menu or the Louco menu) is that you let go from the moment you start eating, guided by Chef Alexandre Silva’s vision.

You can expect a meal for two to cost you around €340.

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