Guide to the Haute Cuisine of Cascais
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Guide to the Haute Cuisine of Cascais

Publish date : October 12, 2022

Haute cuisine is synonymous with quality products and this is surely a distinguishing feature of Cascais. Whether it's Portuguese cuisine you’re looking for, or flavors from other corners of the world, here you are guaranteed to enjoy great meals.

Portugal is known for the quality of its fish. What better place to put this to the test than in Cascais, a village that has a long fishing tradition, well-known for its fresh raw materials brought by the boats?

Let us guide you through the top restaurants in Cascais, where you can indulge in the creations of the most renowned chefs in the area.

Fortaleza do Guincho

Address: Estr. do Guincho 2413, 2750-642 Cascais

Phone: +351 214 870 491


Start with a Michelin-starred restaurant, Fortaleza do Guincho. It’s located inside the hotel of the same name, on top of the Guincho beach, and it got into the most important restaurant and hotel guide in 2001. With Antoine Westermann, the chef at the time, Fortaleza used to offer French-inspired cuisine. As the reins were handed over to Portuguese chefs — Miguel Rocha Vieira in 2015, then Gil Fernandes in 2018 —, the restaurant gained an Atlantic taste, with products coming from the ocean, right beside it, and other ingredients from the land.

You’ll spend around €200 on a meal for two.

Mar do Inferno

Address: Av. Rei Humberto de II Itália, 2750-800 Cascais

Phone: +351 214 832 218


On the coastline, a few kilometers ahead towards the center of the village, Mar do Inferno is one of the best places to eat fish and seafood in Cascais —  so popular that it is advisable to book a table in advance. You can start by looking at the species that swim in the aquariums. Choose the one you want to see jumping on your plate, order a seafood platter for the whole group or individual portions of fish. A great option is the mythical platter from the sea, made out of fish on the grill, seafood, and side dishes.

A meal for two here averages €75.

Estoril Mandarim

Address: Casino Estoril, Av. Dr. Stanley Ho, 2765-192 Estoril

Phone: +351 214 667 270

Another haute cuisine restaurant with a large legion of followers is Estoril Mandarim, one of the first Chinese fine-dining restaurants in the country. The menu unfolds into over 100 dishes including the best of China's traditional cuisine. Between these, any choice is the right one. And, to pair food with an equally great drink, try a traditional soothing tea.

There are private rooms for groups and a Dim-Sum menu by a Chinese chef at lunchtime.

A meal for two people is approximately €75 here.


Address: Penha Longa Resort, Quinta da Lagoa Azul, 2714-511 Sintra

Phone: +351 219 249 011


Another invitation to experience Asian food, this one coming from Japan: Midori.

Midori is a small restaurant, displaying 18 seats, and is headed by Portuguese Chef Pedro Almeida. Here, you’ll find Japanese recipes with Portuguese influences (‘Japanese cuisine with a Portuguese soul’ in the chef’s words), nearly all turned into tasting menus. They also have a few a la carte dishes, but all Japanese, and far from the most common sushi — this is a place for new cooking experiences.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s the oldest Japanese restaurant in Portugal and the only one of its kind with a Michelin star. Since 2017, it’s been totally reinvented and redesigned. In the new Midori, the sophisticated decoration in light gray provides a splendid luminosity to the space, in contrast with the magnificent view of the Sintra Mountains and the exquisite and intimate ambiance.

You can expect a meal for two to cost around €220.


On a final note, the best way to unwind between meals is with walks around Cascais. There are many paths, but one of the best is Paredão de Cascais. Starting at the Conceição beach, in Cascais, the promenade ends 2750 meters further, in Azarujinha. A great walk for any time of the day.

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