5 Quirky Shops in Cascais
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5 Quirky Shops in Cascais

Publish date : October 12, 2022

We can finally go back to shopping like we used to (or almost). Goodbye endless scrolling of shop articles, hello browsing in 3D, touching, socializing, wearing that cute new thing right away.

Our shopping experience just got improved and we want to celebrate that by sharing with you 5 quirky shops in Cascais for you to visit.

1. Cabinet of Curiosities

Address: Av. de Nice 68, 2765-259 Estori

Phone: +351 214 646 243

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This wonder-room store in Estoril is worth a visit whether you have money to spend or not. It’s a museum of eccentric interior design and home decor. There’s magic in every little room, to be explored in a long visit from the entrance to the upper-floor attic. And no matter how many times you visit this place, you’ll never find it exactly the same: each piece of furniture, plant, carpet or painting you see is unique (once bought, it’s gone).

3. White & Voodoo

Address: Tv. Alfarrobeira 2A, 2750-285 Cascais

Phone: +351 218 226 988


A concept store in the center of Cascais where one breathes original art, fashion, and design. White & Voodoo, in their wide range of items, sell paintings, mugs, lamps, sunglasses, and perfumes, but mainly refreshing pieces of clothing for women with the Rita de Sá stamp.

Prices also vary, which is all the more inviting. You can have a look at their online shop, though you’ll be missing out on the amazing experience that is looking at the boho assortment of all things decor.

4. San Pi Tableset and Living

Address: Av. São Pedro 12C, 2765-445 Lisboa

Phone: +351 910 621 706


San Pi Tableset, Inês São Pedro’s ceramics brand, now has a physical address on Av. de São Pedro in Monte Estoril. Her pieces are 100% Portuguese (produced in Portugal with Portuguese materials) and everything, from production to packaging, is sustainable.

The concept is to help us prolong and enjoy our social moments sitting around the table, through timeless ceramics: dishes, bowls, glasses, mugs, and whatnot.

It’s also good to know that prices are on the affordable side.

5. Déjà Lu

Address: Citadel of Cascais, Av. D. Carlos I, 2750-310 Cascais

Phone: +351 924 058 238


Another idea whose genesis was on the Internet and is now materialized in a physical store. This one, however, is a solidary project, and all its profits benefit the Portuguese Down Syndrome Association.

Déjà Lu is the temporary home to thousands of books. You’ll find them old and new, without traces of dust, carefully displayed in the bright light of the bookshop. Don’t worry, there are plenty of volumes in English and other languages, for adults and children. If you’re not in the buying mood, you can sit at a wooden table and read. Make yourself at home.

Other than selling books, Déjà Lu hosts events, like workshops, talks, and reading sessions. You can keep up with the program on their Facebook page.

6. Embaú Brazilianwear Store

Address: Tv. do Poço Novo 8, 2750-642 Cascais

Phone: +351 932 809 266


An essential space in the Cascais downtown shopping scene since 2007, Embaú Brazilianwear Store has been bridging the gap between Brazilian fashion trends and European culture. They offer high-quality clothes and accessories for men and women, including items from the famous Osklen brand, Salinas, Satya Spindel, and MiG.

The Brazilian owner, Vicente Neto, opened a second Embaú in the Cascais marina, this one even more spacious. You can think of both of them as little tropical paradises in Cascais, evocative of a beach in Brazil, Guarda do Embaú, close to Vicente’s heart.

Here is a sample of what you will see at Embaú.


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