Beautiful Stories: Ruben Gonzalez
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Beautiful Stories: Ruben Gonzalez

Publish date : October 12, 2022

Ruben Gonzalez, pro surfer, is the Cascais Municipality’s surf ambassador. His love for the sport inspired him to ride the unpredictable Cabo Raso waves, setting a precedent for other athletes. Today, he shares with us another passion of his: Cascais.

Why do you live in Cascais?

Cascais is a very distinctive area. It features elements of a fishing village, with the sea and countryside around and where everything is relatively close, but it’s well developed at the same time. I love that versatility.

What do you believe is unique about Cascais?

It just has tremendous versatility. The town abounds in activities, businesses, excellent cuisine and there’s even some nightlife. It’s also surrounded by the sea and countryside, yet quite central. You can't ask for much more.

Are there any hidden gems in Cascais you would recommend discovering?

I like walking to Cabo da Roca along the coast, the natural pools, Cabo Raso’s waves, the still semi-wild beaches around Guincho, and the ecological heritage of Quinta do Pisão.

Is living close to the ocean as dreamy as it sounds?

Quite dreamy. We have two coastlines in Cascais: one to the north and another one to the west. That makes it a very unique area for water sports lovers and anyone who likes to take a dip through (at least) eight months of the year.

What are your favorite things to do in Cascais?

I really enjoy my surfing, hanging out with friends, going to a nice restaurant, and above all being in contact with nature.

Is there anything that you struggle with in Cascais?

Yes. The beaches in the prime area of Cascais, especially in the summer, should attract better crowds. Something will also have to be done about the heavy traffic entering and exiting the area.

Whats a Portuguese word that you like and why? Youre not allowed to say saudade:).

‘Admirável’ (‘admirable’). I like the word because it’s powerful and dignifying, and I’m captivated by it.

Do you have a preferred quiet place in Cascais?

There are several places — around the center of Cascais, Estoril, and Alcabideche. All in all, it remains a quiet and calm area.

What advice would you give to foreign residents in Cascais?

I would tell them to make the most of all the good things Cascais has to offer. Those who move around the area a lot, I’d encourage them to ride a bicycle and protect nature the best that they can. Don’t litter nature, the ocean, or the street.

Do you imagine living anywhere else?

Not really. From the places I’ve visited in my travels, there might be one or two where I’d be able to live, but I have everything I need right here. This is paradise.

You can see more of Ruben in the short documentaries Capital of Surf and Cabo Raso. The hidden Wave, which he produced. Tune in on his surf adventures on social media.

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