4 of Cascais’ Mouthwatering Pizza Places
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4 of Cascais’ Mouthwatering Pizza Places

Publish date : October 12, 2022

When it comes to pizza, opinions can be divided on what makes the perfect slice. Some swear by a wood-fired oven, while others prefer a crispy crust or just the right amount of tomato sauce. Toppings can also spark heated debates, and let's not even get started on the pineapple controversy.

But, no matter what your pizza preference is, we've got you covered. Cascais is home to some of the most delicious pizza places that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From classic Margherita to unconventional toppings, these pizzerias have something for everyone. So come join us on a pizza journey, as we take you through 4 of Cascais' out-of-this-world pizza places.

Rēbu Pizzaria

Address: R. do Poço Novo 19, 2750-467 Cascais

Phone: +351 914 009 990


New to the game, yet it feels so familiar already! It opened in the summer of 2019 with a refreshing concept: a relaxed bar slash pizzeria with exquisite thin-crust pizzas, other than salad, tapas, and cocktails. Their daring combination of flavors, no doubt reflecting strong Brazilian roots, will cause a stir much bigger than the old pineapple (which they also have on the menu) in the pizza debate. If you order Cartola, you’ll be getting buttery cheese with banana, sugar, and cinnamon; with Romeo e Julieta, you’ll taste an intimate pairing of cheese and guava. There are vegan options.



Address: Tv. Visc. da Luz 3, 2750-413 Cascais

Phone: +351 21 808 1218


On another central street in Cascais, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly staff and treated to Italian pizza. The owner and pizzaiolo Humberto Tadeu went to Naples to study the art of pizza making and brought all that’s needed for genuine Neapolitan pizza — from the recipes to the products themselves.

If you’re in a reading mood, go through the 28 pizza options and a couple of calzones on the menu, one for every taste. Among their classics, there’s La Pulcinella, with white truffle sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella, taleggio, pecorino Romano, porcini mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. Share the house focaccia while you wait for the main dish. There are also vegan options available.

Locals remember Lambrettazzurra from when it was an undiscovered gem located at a different address and with more affordable prices. It’s true, it grew and became more central, but the essence is still here. It’s best to book a table or to go early, as there are about two dozen seats available.

Pizzeria IL Siciliano

Address: R. do Poço Novo 138A, 2750-465 Cascais

Phone: +351 21 486 8357


The kind of restaurant where you want to dine after a long week to regain your joie de vivre.

They take Italian cuisine seriously here, offering numerous antipasti, pastas, and two dozen pizzas (favorites among customers include the classic Margherita, Parma, and Pepperoni). However, not only do they stand out due to their gastronomic excellence, but also because they serve gluten-free pizza that actually tastes like the real deal! There are also vegan options available.

Consider pairing the pizza of your choosing with Italian wine or delicious sangria.

La Tagliatella Cascais

Address: R. Dra. Iracy Doyle 40, 2750-427 Cascais

Phone: +351 21 484 6056


Whether you think that a wood-fired oven is essential for making exceptional pizza or not, there's no denying that it can add a unique smoky flavor to the dough. At La Tagliatella in Cascais, you'll be able to taste the difference as all their pizzas are cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven.

There are 20 pizzas for adults and kids, made with two types of flour, as well as antipasti, and pasta with diverse homemade sauces — all inspired by traditions from Piedmont, Liguria, and Emilia Romagna in Italy. You'll be able to savor the smoky flavor in every bite. With your dinner, you can order a cocktail that will be mixed at the bar, a novelty.

What isn’t new is the brand. Indeed, it had already established itself in Parque das Nações, Campo Pequeno, and Santos in Lisbon. Now, La Tagliatella adds a large restaurant in Cascais to the list, where around 160 customers can sit. There’s additionally a terrace outside for al fresco dining. With their arrival, came their promise to become your Italian restaurant in Cascais. Time will tell…

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